Welcome to being a tenant with GC Executive Properties

GC Executive Properties looks forward to working with you throughout your tenancy. We also understand that every agency works differently, which is why we have put together this handy Tenancy Kit for your information. It will form the basis of your tenancy with GC Executive Properties, so please read the contents and familiarise yourself with everything, both before you move in and during your tenancy. Your property manager will provide further details as you require them. We are always here to answer any questions.

Moving into your New Home

Utility Connections

Help for a smooth transition

Before moving into your new home, please remember to arrange the connection of your utilities. Allow enough time for these connections to occur, so start the process as soon as you can.

We can help. The Whole House initiative is a free service provided by GC Executive Properties to help you make a smooth transition into your new home.

Please note, when your property manager conducts the condition report, the main power switch will be moved to the OFF position to ensure the electricity can be connected.

Condition Report

Complete and return

When collecting the keys to your new home, your property manager will provide a detailed condition report outlining the condition of the property.

It is your responsibility to go through this condition report thoroughly. Make notes in the tenant section and then return to our office within three business days. By taking the time to complete your part of this process, you will avoid discrepancies and disagreements at the end of the tenancy. This will allow us to finalise your tenancy quickly.

Please note, a condition report is not a request for maintenance. Maintenance will need to be reported separately. If you do not return the condition report to our office within the three business days, we will place the office copy on file, and this will be used at the end of the tenancy to finalise your tenancy.


Protect yourself and your belongings

Your landlord will have their own building insurance; however, this will not cover your personal belongings or furnishings inside the house. We strongly recommend you take out a contents insurance policy to cover these items.

Be aware that your landlord is not liable for any belongings should they be damaged or stolen while at the property.

During Tenancy

Regular Inspections

Please make sure the property is well presented and ready for each inspection.

Your landlord will have their own building insurance; however, this will not cover your personal belongings or furnishings inside the house. We strongly recommend you take out a contents insurance policy to cover these items.


Please make sure the property is well presented and ready for each inspection.

As your property manager, GC Executive Properties is required to carry out regular inspections of your property for the landlord. We will provide ample notice and will work with you to arrange a suitable time.

Inspections can be a great opportunity to talk through any issues or concerns, so it is good if you can be present during the inspection. If you are unable to be home, we can use our office set of keys to gain entry.

The purpose of a routine inspection is to ensure the property is clean, well maintained and in good repair. With this in mind, we report any maintenance to the owner, note the condition of the property and report any areas of concern.

The owner may also choose to attend an inspection, or may simply await our inspection report, including photographs. Please ensure all personal items are securely locked away.

Paying Your Rent

As per the Residential Tenancy Act and signed lease agreement, it is your responsibility to ensure rent is paid on time and in full to GC Executive Properties.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for rent arrears. Should your rent fall into arrears at any stage, we will immediately make contact and take the appropriate action. You will be contacted via text messages, phone calls, emails and/or letters.

Should the rent still not be paid, we are legally required to serve an appropriate 14-day notice to vacate.

To avoid any issues along the way, please communicate with your property manager in advance if the rent is going to be late for any reason. That way we can work to find a solution with the landlord.

Lease Renewal

Towards the end of the tenancy, your property manager will be in contact to discuss your intentions for when the lease ends.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act, you are not required to sign a further fixed term lease agreement. However, if the owner agrees, you can secure a lease for a set period of time in which no rent increases or notices to vacate can be issued, thus providing the security to feel settled in your home.

Tenant Responsibilities

General Cleaning

We recommend you regularly clean your property to avoid issues that may affect the return of your bond. Please ensure you clean the property with the correct cleaning products for the specific item, paying special attention to areas such as:

  • Grout between the tiles
  • Soap scum and mould in the bathrooms
  • Oil and grease in cooking areas
  • Walls and skirting boards throughout the property
  • Windowsills and sliding door tracks


Follow these simple tips to avoid damaging your flooring:


  • Shoes, particularly high heels, can dent the floors. We recommend you remove your shoes when inside.
  • Floor protectors should be placed on the bottom of all furniture.
  • Ensure furniture is not dragged across floors and that heavy items are not dropped on floors.
  • Excessive water will stain or damage flooring, so be moderate and avoid water where possible.
  • Should an accident occur, we recommend you contact a professional cleaner.
  • Harsh cleaning products may cause further damage.
  • We recommend professional steam cleaning every 6-12 months
  • Extra care should be taken with heated appliances to avoid burns.

Window Furnishings

Please ensure care is taken with all window furnishings, including blinds, curtains and shutters. To avoid damage, we recommend:

  • Draw curtains and blinds to avoid dirty marks and creasing. Tie up cords to avoid hazards.
  • Do not push your hands or operate window winders through closed blinds. To open windows/doors, always open blinds/curtains first.
  • Venetian blinds should be set in the open position before lifting.
  • Holland/roller blinds will need to be re-rolled if opened too far.
  • Pets may climb blinds and leave scratches or tears. Avoid this through proper training or by keeping pets away from blinds.


It is important to keep stoves, ovens, grillers and rangehoods free from grease or cooking fats.

  • Rangehood filters, exhaust fan covers and heating return air vents are often forgotten. They require regular cleaning.
  • By maintaining these items throughout your tenancy, you will avoid long-term damage when it comes time to vacate.
  • Please note that stainless steel appliances must not be scrubbed with harsh or abrasive cloths. To avoid damage, please use approved cleaning products.



  • If your bin goes missing or becomes damaged during your tenancy, please advise your local council immediately and let us know.
  • Some councils may request a police report. However, in most instances the council will replace your bin on the next available collection day.
  • Councils require bins not be visible from the street.
  • If you live in a block of units, the body corporate will require the bins to be kept out of eyesight from the common areas.


  • Should you receive mail addressed to previous occupants, please write “Return to Sender” on the envelope and post it back.
  • If the mail is for the owner or landlord of your property, please forward it to our office and we can ask them to arrange their own redirection service.
  • When you vacate, it is advisable to arrange a redirection of your mail with Australia Post to avoid missing important correspondence.


Cars / Driveways

Oil and grease stains are unsightly but can be avoided by taking care of your driveway and vehicles.

  • Vehicles can develop leaks that may go undetected.
  • It is highly recommended an oil tray is placed under your vehicle.
  • Any major works to your vehicle should be conducted at a workshop.
  • Always park in the designated areas for your property, not on grassed areas or garden beds.
  • It can be a costly exercise to re-sow lawn areas and reinstate garden beds. Breaking a water or gas meter can be even more costly.
  • Be mindful of where you park to avoid blocking in neighbours. If there is guest parking available in communal areas, please ensure you leave these spots available for visitors.


Smoke Alarms

Change your clock; change your battery.

  • Smoke alarm batteries should be changed twice a year. Daylight saving is a great reminder.
  • The owner of your property may have engaged a smoke alarm service company. They will contact you to arrange access every year to service your smoke alarm.
  • Please ensure the elected company received prompt access.
  • Regardless of whether the owner does or does not service your smoke alarms, you are required to immediately notify your property manager of any faults.


Unless specified, it is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain all garden areas on the property and the front nature strip. This includes:

  • Mowing and edging grassed areas
  • Weeding garden beds and paved areas
  • Pruning of bushes and regular watering

We are aware that many people struggle with the maintenance of garden areas. We can provide recommendations of professional gardeners upon request. Remember, regular maintenance avoids large costs in reinstating gardens to their original state.


Keys, Locks & Alarms

  • Although all care is taken, neither the agent nor the landlord can guarantee keys have not been copied by previous occupants.
  • Should you choose to change the locks, it will be at your expense. A copy of any and all new keys must be provided to the agent.
  • Recoding alarms is also the tenant’s responsibility. The landlord/agent will provide the most recent alarm code.
  • It is not uncommon for alarm systems to be non-functional. Please check with your property manager if this is the case, as it may not be provided within the tenancy.


Do not smoke inside the property, under any circumstances. Instead, please ensure you always smoke outside to avoid being served with a breach notice and excessive cleaning bills at the end of your tenancy.


Please notify us if you are thinking of getting a pet. This needs to be put to the owner for approval.


It is important to understand your responsibilities as a tenant, as well as the landlord’s responsibilities when it comes to maintenance.

There are certain tasks we ask you to carry out to ensure the property is well maintained throughout your tenancy, and to avoid any unnecessary call outs and costs. Please read the extra information provided by clicking through the Tenants tab at the top of this page.

Remember, should maintenance be required due to misuse or poor maintenance on your behalf, you may find yourself responsible for payment


Urgent Maintenance

Urgent repairs can be phoned through to us. We can action them quickly, avoid further damage, and ensure you are safe and secure in your home.

You are not required to report urgent repairs to us in writing. However, through your online access to the PropertyMe tenant portal, you can report all maintenance and add photographs or videos. You can also keep track of your request’s progress.

Once we receive your maintenance request, we will communicate this to the owner for their instructions.

Please note that while we are the managing agents, we do not have the ability to approve maintenance without the owner’s approval.

Please include as much information as possible when reporting maintenance. Photographs or videos will help us speed up the process, because we can forward these through to the owner and tradespeople.