Before Selling Your Property Consider This

Here are some simple steps to make that will help increase your potential buyer interest and achieve a higher selling price.

We understand many people find the selling process daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

First take a step back and look long and hard at how your home might look to other people when seeing it for the first time.

This can be difficult, you would ask someone else to help you here. For example; you may like the colour yellow on your walls, you have fond memories of marking the changing heights of the children on the pantry door frame, and smile when you look at the the stained spot on the carpet from the kids paint spill. These are things you can live with, but a prospective buyer sees neglect and something that will cost them time and money and this is where the value starts dropping in the buyers eyes.

It’s best to freshen the property up to reduce the negatives and potentially turn-off a would be buyer. Try to create a welcoming environment that prospective buyers will appreciate as being fresh, clean, and ready to move into.

Take this approach from the street and right through the home to the back yard. You want to make an impression to get the buyer to appreciate the property and the value, and then to be able to visualise themselves moving in mentally as they inspect the home.

For further tips and assistance contact us, we would love to help you!